Jun 21, 2014

Video Game Review: Rhythm Destruction

I love Rhythm games! I've said it many times that Rock Band is my all-time favorite game. A game like Rhythm Destruction though doesn't come along very often. Actually I've never seen a rhythm game like Rhythm Destruction. I guess it would be Dance Dance Revolution meets Galaga?

You control your ship with the directional pad or analog stick. While in most arcade shooters like Galaga, or Space Invaders you shoot with another button. Not with Rhythm Destruction. In this game you have to time your attacks, and watch for your cue. See, an enemy will come onto screen and you have to wait for the button you need to press to appear on the enemy. Though you can't just press the button once you see it! You gotta wait for the circle around the button gets to the center. Then you can press the button to destroy the enemy.

Sound easy? Well throw in mutliple enemies, some requiring a button to be held, some requiring two buttons to be pressed at the same time. It gets very hard! Also, remember you're controlling your ship's direction, making sure you're not bumping into walls or enemies. You get a certain amount of lives as well and once you lose them all you have to start the song over. When you get to the end of the level there's bosses that require you to follow the beat and hit the right buttons. It's all very busy and requires a lot of concentration.

There's also times where you enter a Hyper Speed. This is where you enter some grid looks Tron world. In Hyper Speed you control your ship by hitting the right moves to keep your ship on the grid. This game is all about timing, and Hyper Speed is the same way.

Final Say: I enjoyed Rhythm Destruction. It controlled well and I liked the music. I think the game is much better with a controller but that's a personal preference. Rhythm Destruction is a game you know you'll like or dislike just from this: Do you like rhythm games and space themed arcade shooters? If you said yes then you'll like Rhythm Destruction. It's only $5 on Steam as well so the price is very cheap. Rhythm Destruction gets my recommendation!

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