Oct 7, 2014

Futuridium EP Deluxe Review

Futuridium EP Deluxe is available on the PS4, and Vita for $12.49. It's cross-buy meaning once you buy it for one system you have it for both. You can purchase it here.

I saw a trailer to Futuridium EP Deluxe and was greatly hypnotized by the mixture of colors and beats from the music. It's a 3D space ship shooter with you in control. Your goal is to destroy all of the blue cubes, and once you do a white cube will show up. Destroy that sucker, and you're free to go to the next level. Easy enough? Wrong! Your energy is always draining and if you don't destroy that white cube it's game over. Not game over as in 'oh start the level over again'. Nope. It's game over where you go back to the first level in the zone.

Futuridium is a very tough game, but it's just so simple to play. Before writing this review I just got a game over, and before I knew it, I was starting over without a thought about it. The look of the game and the music really help make this game special. Gunning to try to finish the level in time gives you the thrilling feeling of being on the edge of your seat.

It's a fun game, but there's things I wish I could have seen. I always felt like I should have been turning quicker than I was, or have a way to turn at more of an angle. There is a button to do a 180 degree turn, but I'm just talking about a normal turn. I would have to turn as much as I could, do the 180 degree turn, go back, do another 180 degree turn, and then continue the turn I was original doing. Also besides the leaderboards there's no multiplayer. I would have loved to see at least some local co-op to take on these levels with a friend, or maybe have a split screen race to see who can finish the level first.

It's a hard game for sure, but not because the controls. The sharper turning is the only thing I would have liked to see like I mentioned above. Besides that you move, turbo, shoot, and do 180 degree turns, and it all works great. It's the type of game where when you die you know it's your fault. Even though you would like to blame someone else, it's your fault, and you just have to face the fact you're going to have to start over.

Final Say: I'm surprised Futuridium EP Deluxe is only $12.49. I was expecting the $15 - $20 range. It's definitely worth picking up for that price since you get the PS4 and Vita versions. I would have liked to see a way to do sharper turns, and some sort of multiplayer but besides that, I think the game does everything else very well. I love the graphics, the music, and how simple it is to just pick Futuridium up, and start playing. Check it out!

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