Oct 29, 2014

Screencheat Review

Screencheat is available on Steam for $14.99. It's playable on Windows, OSX, and Linux, and offers full controller support.

The trailer to Screencheat looked pretty interesting when I saw it and the concept sounded very entertaining. When I got my hands on it and played it I was kind of blown away. Screencheat let's you look at everyone in the game's screen. You see what your friends and enemies are seeing. The only thing you can't see is your friends and enemies on your screen. Everyone is invisible, and you have to do some multitasking between looking at your screen and aiming up with the person closest to you. It's incredible to see a game where you're not worrying about headshots. There's not even any health in this game. If you get hit by a weapon - you're dead.

Looking at the player you're against while calculating where they are on your screen is tricky enough. Add two more players because this game goes up to four players on a map at once! It's very tricky, and your brain might melt away. Getting a kill is very satisfying, and winning a match is even more satisfying.

The maps in Screencheat are very simple, and they should be. I'm really glad they split up the map by colors. Finding the general area an enemy is fairly simple due to you being able to see what color part of the map they're in. Lining up your shot is the hard part, but think if it was a regular style of map from a first person shooter. You usually have a lot of scenery and finding someone would be very frustrating which is the point of Screencheat. Since the maps are fairly small and the are colors helping you out, I believe the maps are made in a very smart way.

The game types and the different weapons in the game are amazing. There's the classics: 'whoever gets to five kills first wins', and 'stand in this area for the longest'. Then there were some unique game types, for example: playing like the board game Clue. At the bottom of the screen it would say "kill (this person) with (this weapon)". You would then have to find the weapon lying around the map and then find the person. I've never come across this type of game-type in a shooter before. I thought it was great!

Anything bad about this game you're asking? Sadly the main thing that's a bummer is the online server lobby. There's no one playing this! In the past week I've usually had to make a room. I'm worried since the game just came out that no one will be playing this wonderful game. Another problem was getting a friend to your server. They would have to browse servers and choose mine. They couldn't click my name in Steam and say 'join game'.

Final Say: Besides that last part about the game's player population the game is great! $14.99 is a great deal for the amount of game types, weapons, and maps that come with this unique game. I really want to urge you to look into this game, and giving it a shot if you're a fan of first person shooters.

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