Dec 9, 2014

1000 Steam Games

This video is very narcissistic, and some will see it as me just bragging. Some of it is to brag, but some of it is to share my stories about being a game reviewer for 6 years now. I find it interesting when I see behinds the scenes, or when game reviewers reflect on earlier points of their career. I think we can all learn things from each other. This video isn't for everyone, but for the people interested in game reviewing/ journalism and want more info on Organized Remains.

I want to thank Shawn for helping me start OR, writing with me for years, and editing my reviews. Without him I'd still wouldn't know the difference between your and you're.

Want to thank Jon for helping me out with Let's Plays, and support.

Quinn will get a thanks here too. With obvious help like the ORGameCast, streaming with me, and writing a couple of reviews. But also discussing Youtube, and helping me make my videos better.

Thanks for the support from JustAnotherLevel, and Chiri. We haven't made any videos together yet, but you're very supportive.

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