Dec 7, 2014

My Top Five Video Game Soundtracks

I'm actually quite proud of this video on my top five favorite video game soundtracks. It feels more personal, and after watching this you'll know me a little more. Maybe I should make more lists type videos. I love talking about my favorite things.

This video was number 15 on my 15 day video challenge. This was my favorite video out of all 15 videos, and I'm glad I could end with a bang. Though don't worry I'll be around. Quinn and I still have the top ten games of the year video coming out in a couple of weeks. Plus there's more games I need to review before we get to that point. If you do get lonely always feel free to chat with me on Twitter: @organizedremain

Just want to give a shout out to Chief, JustAnotherLevel, and of course Mrbreadedchicken for commenting on most of these 15 videos. I really appreciate it!

Also credit to Classic Game Room. I couldn't record any Ace Attorney video since I only have it on DS. I took the video from Classic Game Room's review that can be found here:

Organized Remain's Youtube:

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