Feb 20, 2015

Free Game: The Old Tree

Description: Time for another free game! The Old Tree is available on Steam for FREE! Take a moment, and enjoy the creepy setting as you guide your apple baby head friend on its way. The Old Tree blends a haunting atmosphere with a classic point and click game play.

Check out The Old Tree here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/346250/

Script: Hey Nick here with another free game for you. This time I'm playing the creepy puzzle game The Old Tree available on Steam for Windows and Mac.

Interesting game right here. You must help this apple baby head crawly thing get to where it needs to go. You don't control this thing, but you are here to help clear things that are in its path. This can be figuring out how the elevator works, or get a robot chef to leave the room.

Sounds easy right? Well ya... it is. It's very easy, but I don't think that really matters. I think the goal is for you to enjoy the creepy atmosphere as you discover this new world, and help your new friend. It feels more like an art piece than a game.

The game being easy isn't the only reason I say it's like an art piece. Another reason I would say is the fact that I beat the game in 10 minutes. Not very common for me to take more time writing the script for a video than actually playing the game the video is based on.

That being said I did enjoy the ten minutes to see where this game was going. I liked the overall feel of the game, and enjoyed figuring out easy to solve puzzles. Plus like I mentioned at the beginning is this video the game is free! I recommend it, but this is a game where you know if you'll want to spend the time downloading and playing by just watching this video.

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