Mar 30, 2015

Indie Mon: Hexcells

Description: Kick back for a relaxing puzzle game called Hexcells today. Well relaxing in the Sudoku sense. Hexcells puts you in charge of what hexagons need to be changed, or not. I want to say a blend up of Sudoku and Minesweeper.

Script: Hey Nick here with this week's Indie Mon. Taking a look at the puzzle game Hexcells available on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux for $2.99.

Yesterday I had a headache, and was searching for a game that I could play to get my mind off of it. I wanted something without action, and I wanted to listen to some of my own relaxing music. I knew a puzzle game would be a perfect fit, and that's how I came across Hexcells. So I put on my music, and got right to the relaxing world of math.

Hexcells is a game where a bunch of hexagons come together, and you must figure out if the orange hexagons are blue, or a number. Sound simple sure, but how does one figure out this crazy math! Each puzzle starts off showing some numbered hexagons. This number is equal to the amount of blue hexagons that are touching it. So if it says four that means four blue hexagons are touching, and if it says zero then that means no blue ones are touching.

Let's stay with the zero example for a little bit. So if it says zero then you'll want to right click all the hexagons that are touching it. This gives you more options to play around with as it opens up more of the playing field. For another example lets move on to if the hexagon says one. Since this one already is touching a blue hexagon then you can right click on all the other hexagons touching this hexagon with the number one.

Hexcells was a great way to just kick back, and play a mindless game that actually requires some brainpower. Think of it like a Sudoku, or word search puzzle. You're using your brain, but it's not something you have to concentrate too hard on.

As Hexcells carried on it added more rules to it. One for example was having numbers at the top, or sides of the puzzle. When you see this number that's telling you how many blue hexagons are in that row. There's more to the world of Hexcells, but that's for you to find out about.

It took me a little over two hours to beat Hexcells, and I was kind of sad it was over so soon. I want more puzzles! I really enjoyed my time figuring out these puzzles, and think if you're a fan of Sudoku puzzles, or puzzles in general you'll enjoy Hexcells. Worth the price of $2.99, and worth your time.

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