Mar 9, 2015

Indie Mon: Major Mayhem

Description: We're at the extreme today with this week's Indie Mon! Major Mayhem is here to save the day, and will pump your body full of action! For the people who wants the shooting of a normal first person shooter, but doesn't want to worry about moving around too much then Major Mayhem is for you!

Major Mayhem is available on Steam (Windows, Mac and Linux), Android, and iPhone.

Bonus points for you if you spotted me saying mayor, but it clearly says president on his desk.

Script: Hello Nick here with this week's Indie Mon. Alright so maybe the word games from last week were a little plain for you? Well here you go! An action packed shooter is what I'm playing today. The game is Major Mayhem, and it's available on Android, iPhones, and even Windows phones for free. OR! You can pay $4.99 and have it on Steam like I do where it's available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Where to start? Well I'll tell you! You're Major Mayhem and the mayor has distressing news. THINGS ARE BEING ATTACKED.... oh and you're girlfriend was captured as well. Now you gotta shoot down enemies and watch yourself. These enemies can shoot back, and will take you out! Good thing you got things to hide behind like rocks, buildings and even an elephant.

The game automatically moves for you, and you just have to concentrate on pointing the mouse and shooting enemies. I should say you do control the him a little. There is a jump button located on the right click button. When running between enemies you will sometimes have to jump over things or get yourself hurt.

There's goals that I found fun to complete during your runs. They can be as simple as shoot 100 enemies with a pistol, or more difficult like shoot the red bonus ninja that appears for a couple of seconds in most levels at random spots. Completing these will get you to a higher rank. Getting a new rank lets you spin the wheel where you can unlock power ups, modes, and outfits. Ranking up also will get you new guns ooooooo. Power ups are located at the bottom of the screen when you unlock them, or purchase them in the store. They got a power up for slowing down time, one to make you this robocop crazy guy, and one that will drop missiles down wiping everyone out.

That's pretty much to it. Shoot the bad guys, and complete goals. There is a scientist that will show up sometimes, where if you defeat all the enemies he'll drop something like coins for you. There are also other modes to play once they're unlocked like a time trial one, and an arcade mode. They're not as exciting as the classic mode, but if you wanna raise a high score it's there for you.

I had a good time with Major Mayhem. Sometimes you just want to shoot things without the worry of running around, and this game does it. The classic mode will give you a few hours of gameplay, and you can add on more gameplay with the other modes available. Not too shabby for FREE! or you know.... $4.99.

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