Mar 23, 2015

Indie Mon: Swipecart

Script: Hello Nick here with this week's Indie Mon. Taking a look at the game Swipecart that's available on Steam for $2.99 and for iPhone and Android for 99 cents. Of course I'm playing it on Steam.

Enter your name in and get started! Race to the finish in this mine cart maze. The object is to get your driver to the end, and coming to a full stop. Seriously you need to come to a full stop, and not go flying off a cliff.

At the beginning of the level there's a track to gain speed by using your mouse to swipe to the left on your cart. After you reach the end of the beginning track you can't go any faster unless you use the track itself like a downward slope or a boost track. You do however have control over the breaks. Swiping on the cart will slow it down, and if done enough you'll come to a stop.

Pretty simple until they start adding obstacles. Be careful of see saws, these bumps you have to wheelie over, and my least favorite the timed blocks. Many yelling of "ARG!" over that one.

Swipecart is a fun time as you guide your cart through the trouble mess of the mines. Each level you complete you'll get a badge for gold, silver or bronze, but I don't care about that. I care about how much better I am than everyone! At the bottom of the completed level screen it'll tell you exactly that! One time I was in the top 2%! I mean I don't have video of it, but you believe me right?

There is custom tracks you can ride that other players have made. The ones I played were not that great, but I can't blame you. I was in the editor for a little bit, and my skills and patience to make a good level are not there. It's nice to have the option to build your own levels, and play others though!

There's also gems you can collect during your time that can be spent at the shop. Buying gear, and carts to make your time with Swipecart more stylish.

I enjoyed Swipecart, and the only complaint I have is at the beginning of the level it shows this preview screen where it scrolls through the level. I'm fine with this the first time. Every time I would have to restart I would have to click through it again. Not a big deal since it's not like I had to sit through a loading screen, but somewhat of an annoyance. I'd like to be able to restart instantly.

Still for $2.99 it's a fun time especially for all the competing possibilities you can have with your friends. It's a simple, but certainly tough at points type of game that is a good deal.

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