Mar 2, 2015

Indie Mon: Words For Evil & Lexica

Description: Two indie games in one Indie Mon? Luck you! Today's theme is words & letters. Make words, figure out spelling, find out your bad at spelling, and much more with Words For Evil and Lexica! Please subscribe for more weekly videos!

Script: Hello this is Nick with this week's exciting Indie Mon. Nah I'm just kidding this one is a boring one as I'm playing two word games. The audience for these two games might be smaller, but I'm trying to branch out to different types of games. The first word game is Words For Evil. Again I know this isn't that exciting to watch since it's just matching up letters, but for some people this is a game for them. So if you like this type of game then consider yourself special because I'm looking out for you!

So that's all you do. You match up letters to make words. Fighting monsters? Spell words. Opening a treasure chest? Spell a word. On your last dying breath? Spell a word. You level up the more monsters you defeat allowing you to become stronger, and faster. As you go farther in the game you'll come across people that want to join your team like Santa Clause. Three is the most people you can have in a group.

While you're fighting monsters you'll also be attacked. So keep an eye on health, and use a health potion if you need to and spell big words using the color'd letters. If you do lose all your health you'll go into this one word spelling game where if you spell a big enough word you'll do some lasting damage.

I enjoyed this game, but you can tell by just looking at it if you'll like it. Word search fanatics dream right here. There's not much else I can tell you except it's pretty cheap at $2.99 and it's available on Windows and Mac on Steam.

Moving on to Lexica a game like a hybrid between a crossword puzzle and sudoku. It's on Steam for $4.99 on Windows. You match up the letters on this board. Letters on the left and right can only move horizontally and the letters on the top and botton can only move vertically.

This game is way harder for me even though there's no rush except for trying to get a quick time. In Words For Evil I could be killed, and yet Lexica is harder. Spelling isn't as strong for me as it should be especially since I write a lot. I guess I just rely on spell check way too often. It's still a fun game for people that like word type puzzles.

That's all to say about these games. This video is really a "hey these games exist maybe you'll like them" rather than a review. I'll cya next week on Indie Mon.

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