Mar 19, 2015

OR Talks Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

Description: Finally got a chance to play Zelda: The Wind Waker HD even if it came with my Wii U! It's a grand adventure with Link, Zelda, and all sorts of characters while we travel the seas, go into dungeons, and find new gadgets on your way!

Script: Hey Nick here talking about The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD remake on the Wii U. I never owned a Gamecube, and never got a chance to play this Zelda game. I didn't know much going in except I knew the graphics were more cartoony, and there was sailing around at parts.

That part turned out to be more true as it seemed like. I ended up sailing around for many hours of the whole game. Some of the sailing around discovering new things was fun, but there were times it felt like a drag. It's not until later on in the game where I unlocked a song I could play to travel to different parts of the sea. I really appreciated getting that, but wished it came at an earlier point of the game. I'm not against exploring around, but there was parts I would travel for what seemed like a couple of minutes to somewhere for something small, and then have to travel the same distance again going back. Might sound like it's not a big deal, but the sea at points doesn't have a lot going on.

That's my main complaint about the game, and the rest of the game I feel makes up for it. It was an exciting journey! There's something about Zelda games where everything feels like a grand adventure. The characters are always fun, and the music is amazing. I really got into the story, and seeing what would happen next. Sure most of it is predictable since it's a Zelda game, but the excitement was still there to be enjoyed.

The Wii U gamepad is amazing, and perfect for this game. I'm not sure if I can go back to playing Zelda games without it. On the Wii U pad you can look at your map, and change your weapons without pausing the game. Not a big deal right? Well, wrong! Later on in the game some dungeons require a lot of different items to be used throughout it. Being able to swipe, and assign a weapon quickly without pausing feels so great. In other Zelda games you'd have to pause the game, and swap it then. Which would break up the gameplay a tad. I'm really glad to have the Wii U pad as it made the game feel very fluid.

There's something about the puzzles in Zelda where they're some of the best out of all of the games I've played in my life. I think the point I just made about loving the adventure with Link, and Zelda really helps. You kind of feel like you're in the game figuring out these puzzles. You might be thinking well that's the point of most video games. I agree, but I never feel so glued to the characters as I do with Zelda. I just think of Link and Zelda as two of the most badass characters of all time.

I thought it was going to take me fifteen hours to beat Wind Waker, but I was way off. It at least took me double that time. This game is beefy, and there's still many things to do that I missed. Also once you beat the game you can play it again, and the game will be a little different. Links clothes will be different, and all the characters that spoke in a Hyrulean language will now speak in English. Not game changing and not enough to get me to play again, but it's better than nothing.

Overall I really enjoyed my time with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD remake. It's another grand adventure to the Zelda series, and it got me excited for the next game in the franchise. If you have a Wii U it's a game that needs to be checked out if you never got a chance to play it on the Gamecube.

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