Apr 6, 2015

Indie Mon: Squirreltopia

Script: Hey Nick here with this week's Indie Mon. I'm playing the game Squirreltopia which is available for Windows on Steam for $3.99.

Squirreltopia is a game where you play as these squirrels. Actually about half way thru the game I realized that every time I died I played as a different squirrel. I like to think these squirrels are the same ones that you find in a Sonic game after beating a boss, and opening a capsule up. Well that's my fan theory at least.

Squirreltopia is a platformer where your goal is to reach the end of each obstacle course of a level. Each level you complete gets you a gem, and once you have enough gems you can fight the boss of the area to unlock the next group of levels.

It's a hard game, but once you get your momentum you'll figure it out. Really I'm not joking about the momentum. If your squirrel doesn't gain momentum you won't be jumping to far. It's a key to beating these levels.

It's a fun time, and I loved the mechanics of the squirrel. It was the right amount of difficulty too. Not too hard to just give up after a few times, but also far from being an easy game. Overall it took me three hours, and many squirrel deaths to beat the final boss.

I have my complaints about the game don't get me wrong. Let me tell you my story of what happened. I started playing Squirreltopia, and got an hour into the game. The game crashes, and I restart. No save file anywhere, and I have to start over. I wasn't sure if I was suppose to manually save myself, or when the game crashed the save file got lost. I boot up the game, and play some levels. I look for a save option, and can't find one. I quit the game, come back, and see it saved my place. So that's good the game does have saving. I played twenty more minutes, and the game crashes again. I start it up, and I have to start from where I last saved which was when I quit the game. So my solution to you is to quit once in awhile to save the game, or you might be replaying some levels. While the game crashing might be my computer's fault I looked into the forums, and found there isn't any type of auto save unless you quit the game.

Don't let me discourage you from playing Squirreltopia. I still found it to be loads of fun, and recommend it to any platformer fan. Especially if you love games like Super Meat Boy where the platforming is fun, fast, and difficult.

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