Apr 13, 2015

Indie Mon: A Story About My Uncle

Script: Hey Nick here with this week's Indie Mon. Taking a look at the game A Story About My Uncle available for Windows on Steam for $12.99.

A thrill ride of jumping, grappling, and boosting around is on the menu today. As you search the beautiful world for your uncle. A Story About My Uncle is exactly that. You're telling a story about yourself, and your journey about the whereabouts of your uncle. As your daughter who wants a bed time story listens. The story includes how you faced your fears grappling into dangerous territories, meeting new kinds of life forms, and learning about your uncle.

I thought the story was fair, but the voice acting was distracting. Most of the character's voices didn't fit well as it sounded like they were sometimes reading from a piece of paper in front of them. There were some characters later on that were voiced well, but every time a character with poor voice acting talked it took me out of the game.

Don't get me wrong I did enjoy this game. I enjoyed the gameplay a lot more than the story. As you begin you learn how to jump higher, and grapple using this suit at the beginning it was a fun time. As the game moves along it allows you to grapple more times before touching the ground, and adds a rocket boost to your boots to go farther lengths. The terrain also changes up a bit throughout the game as well which was a nice change up to keep the game interesting.

The game is beautiful as I mentioned, and is some of the best indie graphics I've seen. I feel that's not even really fair to mention that it's indie. If I saw a trailer to A Story About My Uncle, and didn't know anything about it. I feel like I'd assume it was a new triple A title.

I really want to recommend this game except that it only took me two and a half hours to beat. You can go back, and do a time trial on each level. I didn't have motivation to do that, and felt I got the full game experience with just one playthrough. So it being at $12.99 I want to recommend waiting for a sale. I know the developers put a lot of effort into this title. It being a tad short, and with the voice acting I can't recommend it at $12.99. I got it on sale for around $4, and feel like that's the right price range.

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